My wild love affair with fall (cool air! The prospect of long sleeves and not shaving my legs again until April! The pumpkin flavored yummies available at fine retailers everywhere! Fall! Swoon!) encountered a brief hiccup this weekend. We’re back on track now, but things were dicey for a bit there. Why?

Leaves. Damn leaves.

So, here’s the thing: I’m from Arizona. Lived there most of my life. Fall has always been more sort of conceptual for me than actual, you know? And one of the concepts I liked best was the whole “leaves changing colors” thing. That is supposed to be pretty and crunchy and delightful. And it is, right up until the moment you realize that there are approximately 7,567 crunchy leaves on your front lawn and your house is starting to look like that house, the one with the lazy people living there who don’t do shit to keep their yard looking nice.

I was home with the kiddo on Friday (daycare closed for the day) and decided to kill two birds with one stone and let the kid have some fresh air/outdoor play time while I raked the lawn. I figured the raking would take like, what?, 15 minutes, max.

Feel free to laugh at me now.

This first inkling I had that this might take longer than 15 minutes was the fact that there was an ever so gentle breeze blowing, which of course ment that leaves were raining down on me as I raked. I’d rake a section, move on, and then turn around and see more leaves at fallen. I was trying to think of it as some sort of zen thing, to use it as a meditation on the futility of striving for perfection in life or something, but it mostly made me want to swear.

The second, and super predictable, hurdle that I encountered was the attentions of the kiddo. Sometimes 2 year olds aren’t the best helpers, though it was cute to hear him yelling “Wheeeeee!!!!” as he ran through the carefully constructed leaf piles I had.

The running through the piles was actually more helpful than what came next:

“I do it Mama! I do it! I a bulldoozer. Pusha da mud. Beep beep. ”

Now, listen, I’m as much a fan of free yard work as anyone and I don’t mean to criticise, but my son’s raking technique frankly sucks.

He wasn’t so much raking as he was spreading the pile of leaves back over the lawn. Good thing he is cute, because he just isn’t that great as a yard boy.


Eventually the leaves were distributed enough to do what he really wanted to do: leaf swimming

Our yard still pretty much looks like the last picture. My current plan is to hope for either a strong wind to blow all the leaves into someone else’s yard or for the first snow fall to come and cover it all up. I’m fine with either outcome and promise not to judge my neighbors if the wind thing happens and they suddenly discover that they now have 7,567 leaves in their yard. I may even lend them the kid if they need help.

5 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Teresa says:

    Very, very cute! It was a beautiful day and your son is an adorable toddler.

    Seeing your pictures brought back fun childhood memories of jumping (disappearing) into piles of leaves. The smell, sight, and sound of it was completely delightful. Thanks for triggering happy memories! I hope your son will have similar ones.

    Of course, as a teen I became a serious helper and acquired the blisters on my hands to prove it. I hope you escaped that fate! Invest in a good pair of garden gloves before next time.

  2. Wendy says:

    @Gretchen, good thinkin! Actually our landlord should be responsible for the leaves but he isn’t exactly on the ball.

    @Teresa, thankfully I didn’t get any blisters because the kid stole the rake and wouldn’t give it back! It really made it easy for me to be lazy, which is always nice.

  3. Wendy says:

    @Mads: Thanks! I think he is pretty darn cute too, although the hair might need a trim this weekend, it is getting a little hard to brush.

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