Muddy Monster Race Report

Race 3 of 12: DONE!

This was a good race, actually one of my favorites in several categories. And now, because I am trapped at home with a small child (daycare closed due to illness, not his) and because Sid the Science Kid only buys me 30 minutes of type type time, a race report in list format:

1. I stayed in a hotel the night before, which kind of felt like an indulgence but I was so glad I did because after the race I was able to go back to the hotel (yay for extended check-out!) and take a completely delicious shower. Delicious and necessary as I was both super sweaty and moderately muddy.

2. Speaking of mud, the course wasn’t really a “muddy monster” but there were some muddy spots and places with standing water thanks to the rain the night before. There was also patches of sand (my least favorite part), gravel and lots of grass. I feel like the cross-country style is easier on my knees and body but definitely not as fast as pavement.

3. Speaking of times, I finished in 43:08 which is about a minute and a half off my PR for 5K. I finished 25th out of 31 in the Athena category which is a result I’m fine with. I’m actually pleased with my time overall because I 100% know that I couldn’t have run any faster. I was DONE at the end of this race.

4. I actually probably owe AndreAnna the credit for being under 45 minutes. I know that I would have run the whole race if I had been running on my own but I don’t think I would have pushed as hard as I did. By the time we got to the last quarter mile everything in my body was screaming to stop but thankfully my desire to not look wimpy in front a friend was more powerful than my deep desire to stop running.

5. The swag bag was, in terms of useful stuff, probably the best one I’ve been given. There was chapstick, granola bars, hair elastics, hand sanitizer, froot roll-ups, Clif bars, detergent for washing workout clothes and a few other goodies. I love getting stuff I’ll actually use.

6. This race had three options for race shirts: no shirt (for $5 off entry fee), long sleeve cotton shirt or long sleeve tec shirt (for an extra $5). I opted out of the shirt so my entry fee was only $15. I have plenty of shirts so I like the opt out option and $15 for this race was totally worth it because…

7. They also had the best post race food spread I’ve seen yet. There were hot dogs, beer, soda, Gatorade, bagels, bananas, apples, cookies, candy (Hot Tamales!) and more. It was great. There was also a craft tent for kids, which I thought was a great idea.

8. This is the first 5K I’ve done with the Garmin on. I liked being able to see how far I had to go but I need to train myself not to look at it as I run up hills. That is just discouraging as all get out. I don’t like feeling like I’m running as hard as I can, that I can practically taste my spleen and to look down and see that I’m running a 15 minute mile pace at that moment.

9. One of the highlights of the race: AndreAnna and I picking out several targets and reeling those runners in slowly but surely. We past everyone that we set out to pass (the course was laid out in essentially a big loop so it was easy to spot potential targets in the distance). I had to remind myself not to be like “Ha! Caught you!” as we passed people because they obviously didn’t realize that we were hunters and they were prey.

10. I would 100% do this race again. It was a beautiful location, a challenging but not ridiculous course and all that good swag.


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