Equalizer Race Report Part 1

Okay, this report might get long because, let’s face it, this race was long so let me give you the two sentence synopsis right up front: when this race was good it was great. When it was bad it was horrible. I have never had the wheels come off the wagon so dramatically before and I have never, ever been so sore as I was when this race was over (including after I gave birth to an almost 9 pound baby).

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


One of the things that attracted me to this race was the fact that it was held at one of my favorite places to run, a place that is less than two miles from my house. There are definitely some benefits to staying close to home to run, namely that I could sleep until 6:30am and still be plenty on time for the 8:00am start time.

I slept okay the night before and woke up before my alarm went off. In the quiet dark of the house I took a shower and puttered around for a bit getting out snacks and double checking that I had everything I needed. I could have slept later but, as all runners know, I really wanted to have a poop before I left. I usually get such a nervous stomach that there is no reason at all, like really really no reason to worry about the poop thing but I wasn’t feeling that nervous. I took my usual pre-race 1/2 dose of Immodium just to be on the safe side.

At about 7:00am I finally left and headed to the local bagel place to get a bagel sandwich (the very same sandwich I had the morning I got induced with the kiddo. I think this is my official “about to do something taxing” meal)(I should see if they’ll sponser my next race and/or child).

It was still darkish when I got to the park but the sun was beginning to rise. It was cool and crisp and kind of lovely.





I definitely had that new kid at school feel when I got there. I think I was one of the few first time runners and I was almost certainly the only person there who hadn’t finished at least a marathon before this race. It was pretty easy to tell who was in which race: the 24 hour racers had tents and coolers, the 12 hour racers had card tables of snacks and chairs and the 6 hour people had one or two bags and a chair or blankets on the ground. It was interesting to look at the wide array of food that people had with them. Everything from the typical Gu and Gatorade to Mountain Dew and candy galore.


I think there were about 35 racers all together and soon enough we were all gathered at the starting line, waiting to begin.

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