Day #5: Something I hope to do in life

There are two things that immediately come to mind as things I’d like to do, that I am capable of doing but that I just haven’t done yet.

Thing the first: I’d like to finish in the top half of my age group in a triathlon. Doing this will require that I both be consistent with my training and that I finally get my nutrition/eating on track. In my life I’ve had periods where I’ve been a training machine (high school, parts of college, parts of my 20s) and had brief periods where I was eating a healthy diet (um, that day back in 2007, parts of college) but I’ve never had both areas going right at the same time. The last year or so has been much improved in terms of consistently exercising but the diet part of the equation is still a struggle.

Thing the second: I’d like to finish one of the several half-finished longer pieces of writing I’ve started and abandoned over the last few years. While, obviously, it would amazing to actually publish a novel, I mostly just want to finish something that I start.  I want a longer attention span where my writing is concerned.


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