10 Holiday Facts

10. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree and I don’t think I ever will. Maybe it is because I didn’t grow up with them but real Christmas trees just seem like a lot more work to me than I think they are worth. I’m also pretty cheap about that kind of stuff so I have zero interest in buying a new tree every year when the one I bought on clearance four years ago for $30 suits us just fine.


9. On the subject of trees, I get positively itchy to take the tree down as soon as possible after Christmas is over. Growing up my family was notorious for having the tree up until April (maybe even May some years)(and, no, I’m totally not exaggerating, we enjoyed many an Easter dinner while gazing at the Christmas tree) and it always bothered me. Now I’m on the other extreme end of the spectrum and start taking the ornaments down at about 7pm on Christmas night unless my husband stops me.

8. I love getting photo holiday cards and holiday letters. Maybe I’m just lucky but none of the letters we ever get are annoying and braggy, so I love the updates and pictures from friends and family. I sent out a holiday letter for the first time last year and plan to send out again this year, holiday letter haters be damned!

7. I am not a Black Friday shopper. At all. I literally can not think of a single thing that I want badly enough to get out of bed at 4am and to go stand in the cold, waiting in line to go get. I like sleep and warm beds and staying in my jammies.

6. Possibly related to #7 is that by the time Black Friday rolls around I am usually done or very close to done with my Christmas shopping. I am one of those shop all year round kind of people. This year I had all of the presents for the kiddo purchased and hiding under the bed by the 1st of August. As of today I have one gift card for someone on my staff and one little present for a friend and then I am done.

5. I almost always end up under budget on holiday gifts. This year I got all of the kiddo’s gifts at a 75% off sale at Target and spent way less than it looks like I did. I think hitting the sales year round instead of doing the Black Friday thing saves me money.

4. I have VERY STRONG feelings about stockings. I have an irrational love of stockings. I need to have a stocking every year. Growing up stockings were the first thing we could open on holiday morning and you didn’t have to wait for anyone else to be awake so you could open your stocking as soon as you woke up. Instant Christmas morning gratification, especially since we usually had to wait to get home from church before we could open our presents.

3. There are rules for stockings:

       – things in stockings are not to be wrapped

       – the ideal stocking should be stuffed with a mixture of practical and fun gifts. There should be a least one edible item (perhaps something mint or chocolate or chocolate mint), one item that smells good (perhaps lotion or a candle), and one item that is slightly bulky so as to fill out the stocking and make it look full.

         – if you are my mother stockings must always include the world’s cheapest razors and duct tape. I’m not sure why.

2.  The only acceptable meat to eat on Christmas is ham. How this meshes with the fact that the baby Jesus was Jewish is a mystery. Any Christmas morning that starts with something other than cinnamon rolls is just sad.

1. I would like Santa to bring me the following things for Christmas this year:

Snow shoes!


Poster from Etsy that would be great for my office.




Also from Etsy. Love it.


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