On Love

First an apology to those of you who are more interested in my athletic (using that word somewhat lightly) exploits than the other stuff. Between this seemingly unending bout of bronchitis and my self-inflicted sluggishness earlier this month I have exceedingly little to report.


So, I was home with the kiddo today as daycare was closed. We had a fine day and I learned a lot about what love means to a 2 year old. Case in point, this conversation:

(Scene: I’m cleaning the bathroom before a playdate)

The kid: Wat dat Mama?

Me: A toilet brush

Kid: Oooh, I love a da toilet brush. You love toilet brush too, Mama?

Me: Eh, I can take or leave the toilet brush

Kid: I love toilet brush!

Throughout the course of the day he also told me he loves:

– cookies (duh)

– hockey sticks

– doggies

– trains

– paper

– cups

– popcorn

– Christmas lights

– sitting in time out (NOT TRUE)

– cream on his bum bum

– coughing



I love that I’m on the same list as “cream on da bum bum” and the toilet brush.

Well, at least I made the list.


3 thoughts on “On Love

  1. Kari says:

    Two-year-olds are awesome. I’ve only had one for 5 days, but so far I’m loving it. 🙂 This was my favourite quote from Sunday:
    Me: Elisabeth, let’s change your poopie diaper so we can put on your purple trousers [which she loves].
    E: That sounds like fun!
    Me: I’m so glad you think so.

    I like reading about your athletic exploits, but mostly I like reading about your kid and your thoughts on parenting. So please keep posting those too. 🙂

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