Quickly, quickly

– The level of satisfaction I have at getting the Christmas cards out in the mail is a bit on the ridiculous side. I may have, in fact, said “Suck it postal services!” while doing a gleeful little jig as I dropped the heavy pile of Christmas cards in the mail. I don’t know why the postal service has to suck it, it just felt like the right thing to say.

– My cards are not nearly as cute this year as last year and for some reason when I got prints made of the requisite cute child Christmas photo the photo got cropped differently than it looked like it would on the screen and part of my son’s majestic ‘fro got cut off. Bummer, man.

– I’ve decided the official flavor of Christmas is peppermint+chocolate. Can’t go wrong with that combo.

– I’m *still* coughing. Gah.

– I was snuggling the kiddo last night and I asked him “Do you love Mama?” and he patted my cheek and said “I love Tara”. Tara is his wonderful daycare provider. I am trying very hard not to think of her as the other woman. She is really great and I am glad my son feels comfortable with her but I can’t lie, it kills me a little when he calls me “Tara”.

– In more adorable child news, this kid is in loooovvvveee with Christmas lights. It is so enjoyable that he can’t help but say “oh, dey are so beautiful” every time he sees the Christmas tree.

2 thoughts on “Quickly, quickly

  1. Tracy says:

    I cannot believe that you have your cards in the mail! I am going to be lucky to get there the week of Christmas 🙂 Just a little jealous right now…

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