Tastes like Christmas morning

I love casseroles and I love breakfast foods. Combine them together and I am a happy camper. This is the breakfast I am making for Christmas morning for me and the kiddo (the mister is allergic to eggs and cheese, so he is less than interested in this) and you should totally make it to as it is A) yummy B)cheap and C) easy-peasy

You need:

6 eggs

1 package shredded cheese (or 8 ounces if you want to grate your own) (Cheddar or a Mexican blend works well)

2 (4oz) cans diced green chiles

sausage (pre-cooked breakfast) about 8 links diced (optional)

Do this:

– heat oven to 350

– drain chilies into a med size bowl and then add eggs and beat

– spray 9×9 pan with cooking spray

– put 1/2 of cheese on the bottom

– spread chilies over the top

– put sausage over the chilies

– pour in eggs

– top with remaining cheese

Cook for 45-50 minutes. Cheese should be totally melted and top firm. Serve with salsa.

You can easily double this, just use a 9X13 pan instead.


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