The scene: driving home from work with Mr.Monkey. We are discussing a co-worker’s recent Goodwill purchase.

Me: “Yeah, so he found an old-school slide projector and we were joking that now he needs to find an old film projector and we’d never need to use PowerPoint again.

Him: “Ah, the film projector. Reminds me of my days in the AV club in elementary school. Good times.”

Me: “Wait, you were in AV club?”

Him: “Yep.”

Me: “And in marching band, right?”

Him: “Not just in marching band. I was the drum major.”

Me: “I really married a nerd, didn’t I?”

Him: “Oh, don’t forget, high school debate club too!”

Me: (raises an eyebrow, resists making “master debater” joke)

Him: “And I ran cross-country, which is totally the nerdiest sport.”

Me: “That is true.”

Him: “Are you surprised you married a nerd? You can’t be! Look at these glasses…I practically have nerd stamped to my forehead.”


To any of my single readers, allow me to make a suggestion: If you get a chance, you should always marry the nerd.


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