A change in goals

So, for the last two years I have had the same goal: to do 12 races in 12 months.  The thought behind this goal was that since I am competitive but lazy the prospect of a race every month would keep me motivated to train. And sometimes this worked, especially in the summer before the big swim race.

The reality is though that this plan has mostly NOT worked for me. I’ve hit the same two stumbling blocks both years:

1. Iowa winters. There are very, very few races to do in Dec-Feb in Iowa and every winter I get at least one illness that knocks me on my ass for at least a couple of weeks. This year I got sick on Thanksgiving and didn’t stop coughing until after Christmas. I just don’t know if it is realistic for me to try to race all year long.

2. Training. I think trying to do a race a month basically means that I’m always either tired going into a race or under trained because I lost training time to recovering from the previous race.. I need to have more time to build a base so I’m not so wiped out after each race.

So, I quit the 12 in 12 plan.

I want to keep racing because I really do love it, but I’ve decided that I’d like to pick a few races and really train for them well. I want to do anther sprint tri, another open water swim and another running race this spring, summer and fall. Maybe I’ll add in some other races just for fun but I want to feel prepared for once.


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