Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning, 7am, in the bedroom:

The kid: “I dancing! Dancing on the bed!”

He pulls his self up on to our queen sized bed and starts to do a little jig.

Me: “Be careful, please”

I go back to getting dressed

Kid: “Now I rolling, rolling like a doggy.”

He flops on his back and rocks from side to side.

Kid: “You get my belly. You get me belly.”

I sit beside him and rub his belly.

He sits up and puts his hand on my chest, “Wat dis, Mama? Wat dis?”

“That’s my bra, kiddo.”

“Oooh, I like it. You a cute.”

“You’re cute too.”

“NO! I not cute. I A BOY!”

“Is Papa cute?”

“NO! Papa a boy.”

“Is your monkey cute?”

“Yeah! Monkey cute! And fish sticks.”

“Fish sticks are cute?”


“So, Mama, the monkey and fish sticks are all cute?”

“Yeah! And bra.”


So now you all know: I am as cute as a monkey, a green bra and fish sticks.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: Your kid learning to talk= hours of amusement.

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