I went to a class at the Y tonight called “Y Pump”

(not hypothetically)

It is a good class for a not so coordinated, kind of bashful about taking classes kind of person.

(not hypothetically)

There is no dancing, just weight lifting and endless squats and lunges.

(also, again, not hypothetically)

There is, however, dance-y bass heavy thumbing pop music playing at a loud volume.

This, it turns out, is a serious blessing, especially to those of us who had a fiber-rific lunch and may (HYPOTHETICALLY) have been farting EVERY SINGLE TIME they tried to do the bicycle crunches.

(Hypothetically)(according to my..uh..my friend. Yeah. My friend. That’s who this might have happened to).

One thought on “Hypothetically

  1. Kate says:

    HEE HEE hee hee. Oh man. That sounds just like the “body pump” class at my gym. And while I have never been aware of any farting in that class, let’s just say that in our quiet, zenned-out yoga classes, it is READILY AUDIBLE. Can’t say how I know.

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