Head Above

I have a week and a half left at the current job and two weeks before I start the new job. I have much left to do on a big project that must be finished before I go. I want to finish it early so I can breathe a little deeper and have a few days off before I start the new job. Finishing it early will probably require some late nights and a lot of staying off the internet (which is sad, because I do enjoy wasting my time on the internet).

So, forgive me if posting is a little light the next two weeks.


On a totally unrelated note, I can not stop listening to this song lately:

So pretty.


Kind of related: I am super pleased with my decision to join the Y. I have a whole list of classes I’d like to try and the facility closest to our house is really nice. I’m hoping the facility closest to my new work (where I’ll start going in, gulp, two weeks) is as nice.

I have to keep going now because A)I’m paying for it and B) they did a body fat test for me on Saturday and…uh…the less said about that right now, the better. It was officially NOT GOOD.

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