The Jackass Awards

It is only 10am and yet there are already multiple contenders for my jackass of the day award:

#1 The woman who was texting while driving. Bad enough, right? But add to it that it is a snowy day, she was on a two lane, hilly freeway, with a semi truck in the lane next to her and a school bus in front of her and she had her kids in the car. Jackass.

# 2 The guy driving a stupid truck (regular truck but with GIGANTIC tires and a large pair of those horrible truck nutz things- I’m not linking to it, but you can google it if you have the good fortune to have not seen those in the wild) too fast, tailgating a school bus, again on a snowy freeway. Jackass.

#3 The woman carrying a screaming toddler with no boots or gloves on out to a snow covered car and then not retrieving the stuffed monkey that the screaming toddler (who was now trying to take his coat off so he could then try to take his pants off) threw into the front seat. She may have said “And that is why we don’t throw our monkey”, as though a semi-hysterical two year old was in the mood to listen to reason. Jackass.

#4 The TV weather reports who are, thus far, all to eagerly proclaiming our snow related DOOOOOOOMMM!!! and making me feel nervous about driving, even though it really isn’t all that bad yet. Jackasses.

There is a really good chance one of these jackasses was me, but don’t let that sway your voting. Who wins the jackass of the day award?

5 thoughts on “The Jackass Awards

  1. Gayle says:

    I am going to guess #3 might have been mrs monkey…but the real jackass has to be the texting lady. There is no reason to put that many lives in danger just for a message. We started getting snow today too and I think the jackasses come out when it snows.

  2. Beth says:

    #1 wins… but rest assured, my little monkey seldom will wear her hat and gloves from car to house. In the grand scheme of life I feel like this will not be that traumatizing so I’ll continue to let her little digits be cold as long as she wants to continue to stubbornly fight me on this. If we hike through the Himalayas or something I’ll make sure she has them on…

  3. Gretchen says:

    Can we add write-in candidates? Like the office manager who told me to “power down the phone (not computer, phone) and reboot” when I complained that our fancy schmancy (sucky) new computerized phone system didn’t give me the option to transfer a touchy phone call when I needed to transfer it! Hope the monkey incident is soon forgotten.

  4. Mads says:

    I am also going to suggest a write-in. The women at the mall who decided to walk four abreast going zero miles per hour. Jackass.

    I refer to #4 as “weather terrorists”. No good to society.

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