One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot in regards to the new job situation (thanks, by the way, for the encouragement about that everyone!) is what exactly I’m going to wear to work.

I don’t generally feel very stylish. I feel frumpy more frequently than I feel stylish. I think it is one part being overweight, one part lack of awareness of how to put outfits together, one part laziness. I have a friend E. who looks put together and well dressed and I envy her (and force her to come shopping with me and help me pick out clothes) and try to emulate her but I don’t have the same knack she does.

I went shopping tonight and tried to make good choices and not to be swayed by clearance stickers. I tend to get drawn, irresistibly, to clearance stickers and some times I buy things that are more notable for their price than their stylishness. Sometimes it helps to have my husband shop with me as he pushes me to spend money on good pieces but I still struggle to look at past the clearance racks. I bought a cute dress in December for full price and then last month I saw it go on clearance for 60% off and I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy to think about that (the tags are still on the dress but I don’t have the receipt or I’d take it back. It haunts me people).

So, does anyone know of any blogs/websites that regularly feature well dressed plus sized women? I need some inspiration!

5 thoughts on “Style

  1. Gretchen says: is not specifically plus-size, but she’s got curves and has an interesting way of putting things together. Not my style, but maybe good for ideas. She has huge archives and a blogroll with enough fashion blogs to keep you busy for a long time!

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