Saturday Snapshot


One very sick boy sleeping on the chest of his very tired Papa.

The baby monkey has his first ever stomach virus and it has been a brutal 24 hours around here. I wish I could make him feel better, I hope desperately that I don’t catch it (I CAN NOT be sick my first day of the new job. Nope. Not an option), I feel high grateful to my husband who took the night shift last night and slept upright on the couch holding the kiddo all night.

We were supposed to go on a long anticipated, high rare for us date tonight. Instead I just started the second load of puked on clothes and sheets. I confess to feeling kind of  really bummed about this.

Hope you all are having a substantially better Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Ellie says:

    I’m so sorry you missed your date night–Nate and I will take Miles (when he’s not vomiting, of course) sometime in the near future so you and your husband can get out together. Really hope things get better soon!

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