1. The kid is slowly on the mend. This stomach bug was a son of a bitch. We ended up taking him to the ER on Sunday because he was so lethargic and listless. They gave him some magic medicine and some fluids and it helped for a while. He threw up again this morning and his sharting his diapers but he is at least talking again and laughing at Bugs Bunny. This was officially a tough weekend.

2. The first day of work was today and it went well. I have a lot of names to learn and a lot of stuff to learn but I already have some ideas and I’m excited to learn. I wore gray pants, a black shirt and a purple cardigan and I felt cute enough, so not a bad first day.

3. I went to the gym after work and actually did a teeny tiny bit of running. It has been far far far too long but it felt good.

4. Mr. Monkey and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in our traditional manner: by doing absolutely nothing. I’m just not a getting flowers kind of gal (too expensive) and he doesn’t eat candy so we usually just tell each other we love each other, like every other Monday night, and that is it. I’m totally okay with this.

One thought on “Updates

  1. Gretchen says:

    Congrats on feeling good about your first day at work. My first day on the job here 10 years ago, I literally cried all day. 😦 It was due to the stress of having my old job disappear out from under me, but still, your first day was better!

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