Today I…

– had my first employee quit at my new job. She started yesterday and quit today. I never actually talked to her until she called at 7:30am to say she wasn’t coming back…ever. The reign of terror begins!

– got my tired ass off the couch at 8pm to go to the gym even though every single fiber in my being wanted to stay on the couch, reading a magazine and eating popcorn with Hot Tamales mixed in (try it…so good!). I grabbed my keys, head out the door and promptly fell down the wooden staircase, landing hard on my knees on the landing halfway down. I fell so hard my husband heard me inside the house  and came outside asking how I managed to miss a whole step. I am, as always, the picture of grace.

– rejoiced in the renewed good health of the baby monkey. After five longs days of puking and general sad sackedness he is finally back to eating and playing. Woo hoo!

– watched 10 minutes of the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras and skeeved the crap out of myself. It disturbs me, both that I watched 10 whole minutes of it and that there are mothers out there who see nothing wrong with those scary ass glitz pageants.

– swore to myself I’d be in bed by 10pm, so goodnight!


2 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Jill says:

    Delurking – sucks about falling, but kudos for trying to go to the gym. I meant to go running tonight, but alas that didn’t happen. So is your new nickname The Terminator?

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