We Exercise Now Mama

Oh dear readers, let me tell you this: You have not lived until you’ve seen a two year attempt to do a workout video.

I got done with work today and was just too hungry/tired/stressed to go to the gym. I like the gym but I don’t like the drive to the gym at night after work. I always hit bad traffic during the last three miles and it makes me irritated way more than it should. So tonight I skipped it and went home to attempt the 30 Day Shred for the first time.

I dutifully pushed the couch back and moved the coffee table to the side and started the warm up. I was hoping I would finish before Mr. Monkey and the kid got home because, really, nothing makes me feel dorkier than doing a TV work out than being watched doing a TV workout. I was about five minutes in when they got home.

“Mama! What doin?”

(Breathing hard) “Exercising.”

“I want to watch you!” He settles into the rocking chair in the living room.

He watches me for a while, occasionally yelling at me to stand up or get my weights (he was very serious about this. If Jillian picked up her weights, I’d better have mine in hand ASAP), but soon can not contain himself.

“I exercise too. We exercise Mama.”

And, by golly, did that boy ever make an attempt to follow. He jumped when they were doing jumping jacks, he tried to do crunches and bicycles (he looked a lot like a fish on dry land), he stretched. He was so freaking joyful about the whole thing, an attitude I would do well to try to recreate in myself. He was, basically, filled with spastic joy at the movement.

I love that kid.


3 thoughts on “We Exercise Now Mama

  1. Tracy says:

    Jack does the same thing at Daycare. I guess that his provider does a tape from time to time and he is in there trying to do all of the exercises also. The kids love it and it helps when it is way too cold to go outside. Have I done it…not so much. I will have to put that into the rotation 🙂 BTW, love the visual of Monkey doing exercises 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    The only thing Jillian shreds for me is my self esteem! That is a tough workout! Good job with the excercising, I’ve been terrible lately!

    At least he’s exercising WITH you! My kids try to sit and climb on me when I am trying to do a video, and then I laugh and they laugh harder and do it more and we clearly are not very successful at the actual working out.

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