Glory Glory


It was nice today. Nice for Iowa in March anyways. 50 degrees, the snow on the ground almost all melted off. It was just, simply, far too nice to stay inside.

So I called my buddy E., threw the kid in the stroller (stocking said stroller first with books and a snack) and set out for a walk. I know spring is coming because we left after 5:30pm but still had enough daylight to walk for 45 minutes.

It felt so good to get out there again.

I thought briefly about how long it had been since I’d been out for a walk or run outside and my Garmin told me the sad answer: November 17th.


Here’s the deal: I plan to live in Iowa for a good long while. I swore this year I’d stay active all winter and this was the winter to do it, mild for Iowa, and yet I became basically a hermit after the first snowfall. I did hit the gym a little bit but really, really, really I need to get over the whole sedentary winter thing.

But hopefully spring is here so I don’t have to get over it until next year.

2 thoughts on “Glory Glory

  1. Gretchen says:

    I guess there’s hope, as long as you ignore the single-digit temps this morning and the below-zero wind chill….

  2. Wendy says:

    @Gretchen LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU
    (trying very hard to ignore the temps this morning and the dreaded word “ice” in the forecast for tomorrow)

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