I Learned it from watching you, Dad

Scene: early evening at the Monkey house. A Thomas the Tank Engine DVD plays as a small child who did not nap (doom! strife and doom!) acts generally persnickity. He wants to sit on the couch, no-on my lap, no-on the couch with me off the couch. He whines, he frets, nothing is quite right.

“Don’t wanna watch Thomas and friends. Wanna watch lady exercise.”

“You want to watch the lady exercise?”

“No, wanna watch three ladies exercise.”

I hold up the 30 Day Shred DVD box. “You want to watch this? Really?”

“Yeah yeah yeah” He beams, suddenly smiley.

I put in the DVD and Mr.Monkey kisses us goodbye (he had to go back to work for a bit). I sit on the couch and the little person lays his head on my shoulder.


“Yes, Bobo?”

“Let’s eat cookies and watch the ladies exercise. Cookies are special treat for exercise time” (note: he is suddenly aware of the concept of “special treat” since the confiscation of his Valentine candy bag).

And so we watch Jillian and her minions sweat and move and we laid on the couch together and shared a cookie.

Because a cookie is a special treat for exercise time.


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