Three Good Things

Thing the first: Watching my son try a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time. He was delighted as he took the first bite of the buttery, crispy bread. He hs been largely ambivalent about cheese (he WILL NOT eat it by itself or in a non-melted form) and as person from a long line of Dutch dairy farmers, this made me sad. But, no longer! He likes grilled cheese! It is a start.

Thing the second: While it snowed four inches last night, it is supposed to be 58 on Friday. That is only two degrees away from 60 and 60=spring, in my book. Soon it will be warm enough and light long enough to get back to walking with my  buddy E. and that is happy news.

Thing the third: going to cash for eating out and groceries. These were the two budget categories that Mr.Monkey and I were consistently going over budget in but for the last two months we’ve been doing cash only and have been under budget in both areas. Yay for staying on budget!

What’s good in your world these days?


One thought on “Three Good Things

  1. James says:

    What’s better is watching your son making a grilled cheese sandwich. Andy kicks it up a notch by throwing on a couple of slices of ham, Cajun spice and a bowl of tomato with basil soup.

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