Balance (and lacks thereof)

Today is the one month anniversary of starting my new job. Today is, not coincidentally, also the one month anniversary of the busiest work life I’ve ever had.

Now, I have had periods of time at all of my past jobs where I’ve been slammed or stressed or putting in longer hours but nothing that has been as consistently busy as this new job has been. I literally have something to do every single second I am at work. I think about work all day long, even when I get home, and I could work late every night and still not be on top of things. Part of this is, of course, the being new thing. I have A LOT to learn about my new place and my new staff and all my new duties. Part of it is also that this is just a bigger job than I’ve had before.

The part that scares me a little is that right now is the slow time of year. The busy time is the summer and I feel it coming and I’m nervous.

I have three major life goals that I plan for/think about/dream about on a regular basis. One goal is financial, one is health/fitness related and one is personal/big dream related. I try to make progress toward all three goals on a weekly basis but for the last month I’ve really struggled with balance. Thanks to my new and improved salary I’m making progress toward the financial goal but the other two are slipping.

I’m tired at night these days, just weary to the bone, and so it is hard to remember that I’ll actually feel more energized by exercising. I find it all to easy to settle into the couch with the laptop warming my legs and to spend a few mindless hours on Twitter or Facebook. The days go by so fast and I feel like I’m chasing a rock downhill and that I’m not making progress on becoming the outside of work person I want to be.

I’m certain that I made the right decision taking this job. I just need to figure out how to make the rest of my life work around it.


One thought on “Balance (and lacks thereof)

  1. James says:

    Think I have recommended this before, but check out ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris. Don’t agree with everything in the book, but lots of tips on how to work more efficiently. Another big time suck is email, force yourself to only check email at predetermined points throughout the day, utilize the folders and calender in Outlook. You can gain almost an hour a day if you do it right.

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