A note to other parents

Hello other parents of the world and, more specifically, of the Monkey Joe’s in Des Moines, Iowa,

Here’s the deal people: I get that kids are unpredictable and prone at time to brief moments of spontaneous, no context violence. My kid went through a biting phase and I was the chief victim, so I know how it goes. No judgement here (of your kid, that is) on that. Kids are irrational and sometimes they just do shit, I get that.

However, if your kid (who is bigger than my kid) puts his hand on my kid’s face and tries to push him backward off a seven foot high inflatable slide and you are not there to stop it…well, I will.

So, to the table of parents giving me the stink eye for telling a child who is not my own to “stop it! No pushing.” in my very best mom voice, go roll your eyes elsewhere. My kid is only two. He probably would have pushed the other kid back (and I would have told him to stop pushing too) but he was too busy hanging on for dear life as he didn’t, you know, want to fall backward off a seven foot slide. He’s funny that way.

Grouchily yours.

The mom of the cute kid in overalls with the red hand print on his face.


3 thoughts on “A note to other parents

  1. Jill says:

    Oh dear…I’m glad you son is ok. Both of my girls are small for their age (10th percentile for weight…i swear I fed them!), and I have had to step in plenty of times to protect my girls. Funny how quickly the momma-bear instinct kicks in, even when it is with other kids. I watch my kids, I don’t understand why other parents can’t watch their own.

  2. Wendy says:

    Right? It is frustrating. There are plenty of times where my kid gets knocked over in the jumping castle or whatever and that’s no big deal and I’m not going to police that, but seriously he could have gotten really hurt.

    I just feel like we parents are all in it together, you know? I’d want someone to stop my kid if he was potentially going to hurt someone else.

  3. Tracy says:

    We were at the park last week and J was playing with some older kids. They wanted to play Transformers; he had no idea what they were talking about but was having fun running around the park, going down the slide, chasing each other etc. One of the boys (I’d say 7 or 8 years old) picked up a stick and pointed it at J. I turned on the Momma bear and said “Don’t even THINK about it.” No pointing sticks at people didn’t even cross my mind. THe kid was shocked and dropped the stick but again, WHY am I the only one watching the kids on the play ground and monitoring what is going on? Are you so important that you can’t get off your cell phone or even watch your kids? I don’t get it. Good for you, Wendy. We have to watch out for our kids. No one else is going to! 🙂

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