Some true things

1. There are good shoes and there are shoes that are on the clearance rack at Target. Sometimes shoes are both good and on the clearance rack and sometimes the shoes on the clearance rack are there for a reason. Ouch. I bought a pair of cute flats about a month ago for $6.98 and they are going into the Goodwill bag tonight. Not worth the $6.98.

2. Tornado sirens+a husband who grew up in Tornado Alley (hello central Kansas)+hungry toddler= eating a bowl of rice in the basement and calling it a picnic.

2A. While it is good to have a regular walking/jogging routine with a good friend, it is totally okay to cancel said walky jogs when the sky is turning green.

3. If you grow up with very little money and then claw your way out of credit card debt in your 20s and then start your 30s with a stark realization that you are behind in terms of savings and retirement and all the grown up money stuff, you may begin to wonder if, no matter how much money you make, you’ll ever feel like you are there (there being the mythical place of enough, of not worrying, of taking a vacation somewhere warm when it is cold, of feeling safe, once and for all).

4. Husbands who leave you love notes on the bathroom mirror are the best kinds of husbands to have.


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