So, it feels like there are about 1000 things that I am just not on top of right now. Work is hectic, we’re moving soon and there has been some bumps in the road with that, and I got some medical news recently (that I may or may not talk about here, still debating that) that has really forced me to think about what my expectations and ambitions for myself as an athlete are going to be. So–things are in flux with me and I feel always behind.

But, I totalled up my exercise minutes from March and I was at 391 for the month. Is this a lot for some super studly people? Probably not. But is it an improvement for me, right here, right now? Yep. And I’ll take it.

My goal for April: 500 minutes.


3 thoughts on “391

  1. Tracy says:

    If you need extra minutes, we have leaves in our yard that we are constantly working on. Come on down to Indy 🙂 JK, I know that you can make 500 this month, no problem! Consider all of the activity of moving, that will definitely push you way over the top.

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