A list of facts

1. If you are a person who puts a read receipt request on EVERY SINGLE EMAIL you send, even the ones about the brownies in the break room, you are making the baby Jesus cry. Especially if it is the email about the brownies which were, by the way, all gone by the time I got there, so a pox on your house.

2. Speaking of email…the red “high importance” flag should be used sparingly, if at all. If you are my boss you may use it as often as you like. If you are not my boss and you use if for, roughly, 37% of all your emails I am just going to start ignoring your emails. Which is probably not what you are hoping will happen.

3. Cubicles suck.

4. 70 degree days in April, in Iowa do not suck. Not at all. Delicious, delicious sun.

5. On a related note: 70 degrees in Iowa= acres and acres of exposed white flesh. Its like everyone becomes partial nudists after a long winter.

6. The more exposed flesh you see the more it becomes clear that there are more bad tattoos out there than good ones.

7. Moving sucks.

8. My son has started using the phrase “super cool” which is both A) totally my fault and B) totally adorable.

9. Putting the Angry Birds app on your phone will exponentially increase the level of swearing one does. Stupid level 1-13.

10. Most of us are lucky beyond measure.

One thought on “A list of facts

  1. Johanna I. says:

    If I get that little pop-up that says the sender has requested a read receipt, do you want to send one, the answer is always no.

    Unless it’s from my boss. Then, you bet, I read your email.

    (The AP Stylebook just switched from “e-mail” to “email.”)

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