The One that is Done


The rest of the house is still (mostly) in boxes though we’ve made progress on the master bedroom and the kitchen. But the boy’s bedroom is done and it is cozy and sunny and perfect for a two, almost three, year old.

Before we moved I wondered how the kiddo would handle it. I made a few mentions of the “new house” before he left for the trip to Kansas with Mr.Monkey but I couldn’t really tell if got the rather abstract concept of moving. I was worried he’d feel unsettled leaving one home and coming back to some where new, but he seems to love the new house so far. He has more space to play and we’ve had a “strawberry picnic” on the front lawn (where in you sit on the front lawn and watch the squirrels and eat strawberries. It is pretty much a perfect way to spend a glorious spring day) and he has daily access to his basketball hoop, so that is pretty much all he needs to be settled.

Mr. Monkey and I are doing, by my estimation, a better than average job of not letting the stress of moving get to us and the whole hiring movers thing was a total game changer in my opinion, so this is so far feeling like one of the easier moves we’ve done. Moving still sucks hairy donkey balls, of course, but the hairy donkey balls feel smaller this time around, so that’s good.


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