I think you should know:

1. There is a duck pacing back and forth in front of my office window right now. Now it is staring at me. Now it is pacing again. Weird.

2. I had a wild night last night: stayed up past midnight (on a school night, no less) to finish reading a book (“The Passage” by Justin Cronin). I enjoyed the book, a 750 page dystopian page tuner, even though it was clear to me, once again, that in the event of any sort of zombie/vampire/alien apocalypse I should just pretty much plan to be zombie/vampire/alien chow. I have no practical skills that would save me. I don’t run fast, I have terrible depth perception, I can’t shoot a gun. I’m totally doomed.

3. I did a workout video last night that was very abs focused. Doing this allowed me to discover that I have no ab muscles. None. They must have been surgically removed when I was sleeping or something. Weird.

One thought on “I think you should know:

  1. Beth says:

    That’s weird because one more than one occasion I have thought there was some genetic mix up and I got screwed out of my ab muscles. Thanks for THAT mother nature- could you not genetically screw me out of facial hairs instead? I can seriously get worn out in a coughing fit.

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