Absolutely Stupid Money Things

April has been a spendy, spendy, spendy month for the Monkey household. We moved, so of course there is always cost associated with that including, but not limited to, paying the movers, buying pizza for friends who are kind enough to help with packing boxes, eating out when all your plates are still packed, but new household things like shower curtain liners and toilet brushes and on and on.

But there have been a few other hiccups with money this month that are just making me feel absolutely crazy.

The first one is all my fault. I pay our car payment on-line and for some reason I made the car payment but forgot to enter into the checkbook register. Then I was paying the rest of the bills and couldn’t for sure remember if I had paid the car payment yet so I checked on-line and discovered it was still showing as due. So I quickly paid it again and then discovered a day later that the first payment just hadn’t posted yet. So I paid a double car payment this month.

The second thing is just totally aggravating. The house we just moved out of was basically a duplex and through a chain of events that I will not bore you with, we discovered this week that we’ve been paying the neighbor’s electric bill and they’ve been paying our for the last YEAR. The problem with this? We have had the bigger part of the duplex and so we now owe them just over $200.

On top of the $200 we owe the old neighbors, I’ve had to pay three electric bills this month: one for the old place, one for the new place and one final bill. That combined with setting up and having to put down a deposit to start a water account on the new place has led to a month with a truly ridiculous amount of money going toward utilities.

I also had to upgrade my phone and internet connector thingy last month, so our bill for that (bundled service) is much bigger than usual this month as well.

Basically I feel like the month of April has grabbed me by the ankles and is holding me upside down and shaking all the change out of my pockets.

That didn’t stop me from spending a chunk of change to sign up for the Point to LaPointe race though! Bayfield, Wisconsin, here I come!

(I might not have any money to spend when I get there, if May-July are anything like April, but I’m coming!)

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