Hi there

You’ll have to forgive me for the lazy list approach to posting today. I’m home sick from work with a raging, has been going on for six days now, headache so I’m not feeling exactly up to snuff. So, because I get itchy if I go too long without posting here, without any ado whatsoever, here are some things I want to tell you:

1. I went to the doctor this morning and got diagnosed with migraines and tension headaches. Awesome (except, you know, totally not). I left with two prescriptions, a referral for a massage, a suggestion to get exercising and instructions to try to stress less about the job.

2. I’m going to go for a massage in three hours. Best doctor ordered thing ever.

3. I had a fabulous Mother’s Day yesterday (minus the headache, of course). Mr.Monkey wrangled the kid so I could sleep in and then installed a bike seat so I could take him out on a bike ride, which was fun for both of us. I got two homemade cards, a Mother’s day text from one stepson and a call from the other. That combined with some time hanging out with my friend E. and an impromptu playdate with our friends S. and D. and their super cute daughter made for a delightful day.

4. I just finished reading “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler. Super interesting read that I’m still kind of digesting (no pun intended). Anyone else read it?

5. My oldest stepson left me a voicemail saying I was “the best stepmom ever”. You have no idea how much that means to me. Best voicemail ever.

6. I feel like I should probably shave my legs before this massage appointment, so off I go.


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