Dating 16 vs. 32

Last night Mr. Monkey and I took advantage of an awesome deal at the YMCA we belong too: Parents Night Out. Parents Night Out is where they allow you to drop off your kid for four hours for the amazing price of $10 (no, not an hour. $10 for the WHOLE time). They fed the kids pizza and had a bounce house and crafts. Mr. Monkey and I went for dinner and a drive and a drink. It was pretty much a total win for the Monkey household.

While it was nice (more than nice, really) to have an actual date night, I did find myself thinking about how different dating is at 32 and married with kiddos than it was at 16, the age when I was officially allowed to start dating. 

Dating at 16: You spend weeks wondering if the cute boy is going to ask you out.

Dating at 32: You spend whole minutes thinking about the date before hand. The date is actually planned in the 15 minutes between getting home from work and dropping the kid off at the YMCA.

Dating at 16: You spend hours primping before hand. Hair is perfectly curled (spiral curls, naturally, as I was 16 in the 1990s and spiral curls were where it was at), the outfit is debated via multiple phone calls with your BFF, and every item in your make-up bag is applied to your face.

Dating at 32: You spot a rogue chin hair and pluck it. Face: DONE.

Dating at 16: A considerable amount of mental energy is spent deciding just how far things are going to go. Kissing? Over the shirt boob grabs? Under the shirt action? Frantic dry humping in the back of parent’s Volvo? (Um, hypothetically. Yeah. Hypothetically)

Dating at 32: You totally plan to have the sex. You actually both fall asleep 15 minutes after getting home. (um, hypothetically? Sadly no)

Dating at 16: After the date come all the uncertainty. Does he like you? Will he call? Will you end up “going” together?

Dating at 32: After the date comes all the uncertainty. When will you be able to find a babysitter again? Might we someday be able to do both dinner and a movie? On the same night? Without falling asleep at the movie?


Final verdict: dating at 32 is more rare but more fun. I do love spending time with the husband.


2 thoughts on “Dating 16 vs. 32

  1. Adrienne says:

    I love, love, love Parent’s Night Out at our Y! I feel like that alone is worth the cost of membership every month. Seriously, $10 is a STEAL! We’ve gone out to dinner and then gone back home for a little action before picking up our kids so that we can crash as soon as they are asleep! 🙂 So glad your date night was fun!

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