Things I think about every single day

1. Money. How much we have in savings, how much I wished we had in savings, how much money we’ll have in the future, how close we are to one our many financial goals, what will happen when our 12 year old car with 140,000 miles dies or needs a major repair. Some times I’m worrying, some times I’m plotting and planning and running multiple scenarios. We’re doing largely okay but I still wonder when I’ll ever feel totally financially safe.

2. My body/my weight. There is never I day I don’t think about it. I just finished reading the book “The End of Overeating” which has totally occupied my thoughts since I’ve read it but I’ve found it to be the kind of thing that I mull over again and again in my mind but have a super hard time verbalizing and talking to the ever willing to have talks Mr. Monkey.

3. My boy and how quickly he is growing and changing. I worry about spending enough time with him, I rejoice in all the ways he is totally delightful, I feel grateful for his little face every day.

4. My job. So many things about my job.

5. My future. Right now I can clearly see two different paths I might like my life to take and they are decidedly an either/or proposition. I both know that I don’t have to decide right now, today, this minute about where I’ll be in 2-5 years but I can’t stop obsessing.

How about you? What occupies most of your mental real estate?

4 thoughts on “Things I think about every single day

  1. Ellie says:

    Two things come to mind:

    Kids–namely, do I want them? Some days it’s maybe, many days it’s no, and most of the time it’s just not now, but what about later? Similarly, I know I don’t have to decide now, but I feel like I should. Because later only lasts so long when it comes to bearing a child, so I’m told…

    Food–when will I eat next, what will I eat next, what yummy thing that is still “good for me” or at least not “bad” can I enjoy today, when is the next time I get to enjoy something that I would not eat on a daily basis, what new place/food item do I want to try, what restaurant can I go to next, etc.

    Oh, and also: SLEEP. How can I get a few more minutes and when will I next get to sleep in? There is not enough sleep in my life, which is not helped by the fact that when it is time for sleep I end up staying up to watch tv, talk to my husband, read a book or just waste time not sleeping.

    Finally–find some words to talk about that book–I want to hear about it!

    • Wendy says:

      Sleep could go on my list too. I seriously look forward to sleeping in on the weekends and am so freaking grateful that Mr. Monkey always takes the AM shift with the kid on Saturdays/

  2. Tracy says:

    Money is on my list. Do we have enough for J to stay home with the kids? Will we have enough to get ready for baby number 2 and have reserves in savings? What will be the next hiccup? The fridge breaking down? the stove? a leak in the roof?

    Food also. Am I eating well? enough? Did i gain weight this week? If so, is it too much for the healthy pregnancy? Should i gain weight at all? Did I stay away from sugar today? I could keep going.

    I also think about the kiddo. Are we preparing him enough for the baby’s arrival? How can I get him to calm down and not throw fits when he doesn’t get his way? Will he eat the dinner I make tonight or will he wake up hungry in the middle of the night? How can i make him less dependent on me and let J. help him instead?

    I guess it is the usual. I am sure that there are more things that I could add, particularly with the nesting to do list that I have! 🙂

    I haven’t read the book you mentioned on Overeating but I did just finish a book about The Rules of “Normal Eating.” It was very insightful and helpful. I look forward to hearing about the book you read!

  3. Gretchen says:

    Nagging health problems that are minor but probably not going to get better with age. Do not like!

    How do some people get the courage to leave a job that’s sucking them dry without something else lined up?

    Is my mom/husband/dog sick with something serious?

    Health and job probably covers about 90% of what I worry about.

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