Scene from a Wednesday night

The setting: a freaking beautiful May afternoon. Finally warm and sunny after a long and cold spring.

The mama: home on time from work, feeling kind of sad and guilty about not seeing the kid much yesterday due to a 13 hour work day, makes a decision: she will take the kid for a bike ride and trip to the park.

And scene:

The kid: “Mama! I home!”

The Mama: “Yay! I missed you! Do you want to go with me on a bike ride?”

The kid (with no hesitation): “No. Watch Lightening Queen.”

The Mama: “But we can stop at the park…”

The kid: “No. Watch Lightening Queen. Now get me popsicle?”

Mama: “Are you sure? You don’t want to go on a bike ride?” (It should be noted that I’m already dressed in bike shorts and have the water bottles filled)

Kid: “Yep. Watch Queen now and…oh! Purple popsicle…I go downstairs now.”

The moral of the story? If you are trying to assuage your working parent guilt by doing something fun and outdoorsy and requiring effort on your part you’ll totally get trumped by a kid who just wants to watch Cars again for the 1567th time while eating a popsicle.


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