The $18 bike ride

The kiddo and I went for a bike ride tonight after work. Well, I rode the bike and he looked charming in the seat behind me, waving at people as we went by.

This is our third ride with the new bike seat (which I adore), which brings the total cost of the bike seat to an entirely reasonable $18 and falling.

Oh, yeah, by the way: I amortize all major fitness purchases. It is super dorky and yet totally soothing.

Mr.Monkey and I are fairly frugal (he more than me, if I am being totally honest) but we are usually pretty quick to encourage the other to buy things related to fitness stuff. We generally operate under the “if it will help you get in regular exercise, you should get it” rule. Sometimes I feel guilty still about buying the $70 swimsuit or the $120 running shoes but then I start to amortize it with the goal of getting whatever item I bought down to under $1 per use.

Somethings are pretty safe bets. Any running shoes purchased by Mr. Monkey, for example, or my swimming gear. Other things, like my wetsuit that is currently sitting at $75 per use, are iffy from the get go. The amortizing keeps me honest though. Sometimes I’d like to upgrade my bike but I have to be honest and admit that I’m not regular enough with my cycling to be able to justify it (yet. YET. Some day)

On a related note: riding a mountain bike with 34 pounds of toddler strapped to the back uphill is hard. Harder still: when he starts laughing at you and saying “Faster, mama, go faster” as you can taste your spleen.

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