May minutes

I just tallied my May exercise minutes and (drumroll please)…I’ve finally hit my 500+ minutes in a month goal with a healthy 617 minutes this month.


617 minutes is just over ten hours which isn’t too bad except that I was just glancing at a beginner’s training guide for Ironman distance triathlons (I’m not doing one, I’m just fascinated by the idea of them) and realized that the amount of exercise I did for the whole month is basically an easy week for people training for the Ironman. Holy cats. I am even more in awe of those people, especially the people with kids and jobs. That is some hardcore dedication.


My June goal: I want 800 minutes.


One thought on “May minutes

  1. Tracy says:

    YAY!!!! Congrats and keep going! BTW I cannot IMAGINE training for an ironman. I don’t know how people do it and quite frankly, I don’t think I ever COULD.

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