The House

So, you know how we moved like almost two months ago? Yeah. Today, for the first time, I finally feel like we are basically done with the move. I put away a few stray items and boxes and gave the house its first deep clean (I had some time off of work this morning so I could operate without a small child under foot). The house looks fabulous and I hope that it can stay at least 90% fabulous until Saturday when we have our first official party at the new house (the kid is turning three and we are having some of our favorite munchkins and grownups over for pizza and cupcakes. We are the low-key kid party types).

And now, I present to you, pictures of the house that I am so happy to be living in:

The office

I love this room. The big black desk is mine, the cheery yellow table is Mr.Monkey’s and the middle area is where the kid does his somersaulting.

The family room

The family room is in the basement and is perfectly comfortable for a family with a small kid. The kid, by the way, is clearly going down the same book loving path as his parents. One whole bookshelf already belongs to him and he is starting to take up space on another one. For those keeping track, so far you’ve seen two rooms and seven bookshelves. And we got rid of several boxes of books before this move.

The kitchen

I like the cabinets but I wish this room was about twice as large. The white tile floor is one of my least favorite things to clean in the whole house.

Living room and dining room


We’ve decided to go with a stark, minimalist approach to decorating in the living room. Heh. Just kidding, we  just don’t have any furniture yet. The dining room is a good size for our table and the beautiful hardwood floors give me heart palpitations when I think about all they ways they could potentially get scratched. I’ve spent about $50 so far on little felt things for the bottom of furniture.

Where you go to see a man about a horse






5 thoughts on “The House

  1. Mads says:

    It looks great! I can’t wait to have a big person house with adult appliances. 🙂

    I love the yellow table in the office. Is that an antique or did you find that somewhere?

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