Teaching him to say goodbye

Today is the kiddo’s last day at his in-home daycare center. He’s been going there for two years and it has been a place where he’s been taken care of and safe and loved. His provider is kind and seems like a natural with kids. He’s made friends and learned how to share and has been, generally, pretty happy there.

But them I switched jobs and the new job has a childcare center on campus that is AMAZING. It is a lab school for the early childhood education program and there is usually a monster long waiting list because the program is just terrific. I put the kid on the waiting list the day I started my job and a spot has opened for him so we are going to take it.

It is hard to think about saying goodbye to his current place though and I feel inept at helping him understand it. We had this conversation this morning:

Him: “I wanna stay home today.”

Me: “You have to go see Tara today. It is your last day seeing your friends at Tara’s.”

Him: “Last day?”

Me: “You are going to go to the play place at Mama’s work next week. Do you remember the play place?”

Him: “Yeah. I like the play place at you work. I say goodbye to Anna today?”

Me: “Yep”

Him: “And Millie give me a goodbye hug today?”

Me: “Maybe, you can ask her if you want a hug.”

Him: “Okay, she give me a hug and then I go to play place and then I see them later.”

So, I don’t think he really gets it. He loved the “play place” when we did our tour so I think he’ll be happy the first couple of days but I wonder when it will sink in that he’s going to keep going there.

Ugh. Saying goodbye is so hard, no matter how old you are and how great the next step is.

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