The schedule

Tonight I had “run/walk 3 miles” on my schedule.

What actually happened was:

– worked an insane day where I got two massive projects with super short deadlines handed to me with no notice

– took the kid out for ice cream for the first time in his life (he has had ice cream a few times but we’ve never gone out for it as a special thing)

– took him home and did all the dinner-bath-bed wrangling as the Mr. Monkey was wrangling the lawn mower over our slightly out of control yard

– started getting cramps

– made my way to the couch and fell face first into a homemade pizza

– poked around the internet reading Ironman race reports from people who don’t skip their scheduled workouts to eat carbs and melty cheese.


I’m going to watch The Daily Show and then go to bed and then I’m going to wake up and try to have a better day tomorrow.


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