Summer To Do List

A friend recently had a summer fun to do list on her Facebook page and so I am totally stealing the idea. I’m sort of stunned that is is already near the end of June and I want to make sure that we take advantage of some of the summer specific things to do here in Iowa.

So, while the days are long I want to:

– go to the Farmer’s Market at least once

– go to a minor league baseball game with the kiddo and the husband

– go on a hike with the kid (while he still fits in the backpack carrier)

– take the kiddo to see Cars 2 at the movie theatre

– have friends over for game night

– have a picnic at the park or the beach

– go on a really long bike ride

– take a day off of work and spend it by myself, doing whatever I want.

– do a late summer/early fall sprint tri (if I can get my currently wonky hip to cooperate so I can run)


What about you? Any summer ambitions?

2 thoughts on “Summer To Do List

  1. Ellie says:

    A few other things I’ve been thinking of:
    –Valley Junction Farmer’s Market
    –Art fair
    –Shakespeare on the riverfront with my hubby
    –Walk through Woodland Cemetary
    –Yoga in the park
    –Some kind of music at a local winery

    Funny you did this today as I was just thinking of putting a list on our fridge.

  2. Tracy says:

    -Go see Cars2 on Saturday
    -Finish putting in the closet organizers (before baby #2 gets here)
    -Go to the zoo (which may be crazy since I have a major waddle now)
    -Go on a date with my husband
    -Go to the farmers market (see zoo note)
    -Play with J as much as possible and enjoy every day

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