Races and baseball and Sunday night exhaustion

We had a fine weekend in the monkey household.

Mr. Monkey ran a 5K and finished 4th in his age group. Good job Mr.Monkey!


After the race we went and spent most of Saturday and a big old chunk of money buying a new car to replace the 1999 Saturn that I’ve had for eight years and that finally gave up the ghost on Friday. The whole car buying thing could be a post in and off its self, but the short version is that one point Mr. Monkey told me that he felt sorry for the dealers because they didn’t know what they were getting into when they started bargaining with me because I am A) Dutch and cheap and B) really persistent when it comes to stuff that relates to our money. Eight and a half hours later I drove off in a very red new Nissan Versa.

Today we took the kiddo to his first baseball game. He loved it, especially when they let the kids run the bases after the game ended.



Now it is Sunday night and I have a sunburned nose and the lingering vestiges of this damned cold (a week now. Argh! I tried to swim today and the whole not able to breathe thing is still a problem) but I think I will sleep the sleep of someone who has had a fine and happy weekend with her little family.

3 thoughts on “Races and baseball and Sunday night exhaustion

  1. Tracy says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! We braved the theater on Saturday morning, thinking (erroneously) that the matinee would be 1. cheaper and 2. better for nap time. Well, no nap because J was so excited about the movie. And it DEFINTELY wasn’t cheap. When did the prices go up so high! It was 34 dollars for me, J and the hubby! JUST TO GET IN!! I almost croaked! I think that instead of Jordan Creek we will stick to the Indy theather from now on!

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