A Month Out

So, I’m about a month out from my next race, the Point to LaPointe in beee-uuu-tttiful Bayfield, Wisconsin. I am excited to go back to Bayfield (this time with Mr. Monkey and the kiddo, which will be nice) and I am DETERMINED to have a better showing in the race than I did last year.

(As a recap, last year I finished in the bottom of my age group and 15th from last overall. In a distance swim race. My high school self would die of embarrassment. I *FREAKED OUT* multiple times during the race, largely due to wetsuit induced claustrophobia)

There are a variety of things that I’ve done better in terms of prep this year: more open water swims, longer training swims, more consistent training. There are some things I still wish I had done better (practiced in the wetsuit, trained more during the winter) but overall I feel like I could do better this time around.

In terms of goals for the race, it is somewhat tricky to set a time goal since weather can be such a big factor and we had pretty much perfect weather last year and while it would be nice to plan for that again I have to remind myself that Lake Superior can unpredictable. That said, I’d like:

1. To finish in under 1 hour, 45 minutes. Ideally in 90 minutes or so.

2. I’d like to finish ahead of 30 people

3. I want to beat at least one person in my age group.

We’ll see. I need spend some serious time in the pool this month.


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