The Giffee

Scene: A few weeks ago, driving in the car with the kiddo in the backseat. We’re listening to Florence and the Machine, music the kid apparently hates.

The kid: “I want the giffee!”

Me: “The giffee? What is the giffee?

Kid: “The giffee! The giffee! Please Mama. I don’t like this. Don’t like this.”

Me: “Don’t like this? This song?”

Kid: “Yeah, don’t like. Want the giffee. I say please. I say please.” (he is becoming increasingly hysterical at this point)

Me: “The giffe is a song? Which song is it?”

Kid: “Giffee song. Giffee song NOW!”

Me: “I don’t know which song that is.” (now I am growing a bit desperate as full on toddler meltdown seems imminent) “Can you sing some of it for me?”

Kid: *moves his lips and sings in the tiniest possible whisper*

Me: “I can’t hear you. Please try louder, buddy. I want to find the giffee for you.”

Kid: *very quietly and totally tunelessly* da da da da

At this point I have no clue what song he wants. 20 minutes,15 rejected songs on three CDS and many three-year old tears later, I finally figured it out.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the giffee, AKA The Song I Have Heard 1000 Times Since I Figured it Out, AKA my three-year olds favorite song:


Things like this are why parents drink.

2 thoughts on “The Giffee

  1. Tracy says:

    That story is AWESOME! The hubby and I can totally relate. We were on a car trip and then J started asking for his ¨Montwo¨ I had NO idea what he was talking about. Both of us are scrambling trying to figure it out. 20 minutes later we found the toy he was talking about. We had a similar incident this last week about a song. I still have no idea what he wanted to hear!

    • Wendy says:

      There is another song he asks for sometimes, the “letters song”, that I still haven’t figured out. Usually I just play the Giffee again to distract him.

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