Three things (unrelated)

1. My son is three, which means that he was recently two. Two, of course has a terrible reputation, but two was pretty great and easy for us. We’ve had about a month of three and I have to say…whoo boy. Three is MOODY. Three uses his words, but unfortunately his words include things like “I was sad because I didn’t like you Mama” and “No THANK YOU, I don’t like that (said in response to my dancing along to a song on the radio).

2. I did a class at the YMCA tonight and the teacher was, well, not the stereotype of what an aerobics teacher is usually like. Other than when she stopped doing triceps dips halfway through the set because she “hates dips” my favorite part of the class was when she said the rap song “Rollin Solo” reminded her of the time she spent at home alone last night. With her cats.

3. I keep daydreaming about getting a super short haircut, a pixie perhaps, but I just feel like I’m not sure I’m ready to have that much face showing. Anyone have any links to cute short hair cuts on round-faced women who are not so skinny?



3 thoughts on “Three things (unrelated)

  1. Gayle says:

    Three was tricky, but I am facing a 4 year old almost 5 (in Oct) and we have entered a stage like no other. I am hoping the stars align at 5. It seems they get more vocal and more opinionated, not a bad thing until they are frustrated and resort to the patience of a little one with the vocabulary of an older child.

  2. Mads says:

    I have a rounded/heart-shaped face, not that skinny, and I had a pixie cut. I LOVED every minute of it. DO IT!
    Growing it out has been the toughest part, but I’m sorta kinda thinking about getting a pixie again. We’ll see.

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