Why this is going to be a good week

1. I get to see the big boys this week! My stepsons are coming into town soon and I’m so excited to see them. They are great young men (20 and 17) and we miss them dearly and I’m just looking forward to seeing them. The weather is going to be dreadful this week so I’m not sure what we’ll do to entertain them, though I think seeing Harry Potter is a definite option. Maybe go to the big farmer’s market if it isn’t still as hot and sticky as Satan’s armpit by Saturday.

2. The kiddo gets to see his big brothers. He LOVES them. Talks about them all the time and will surely flip out when he gets to see them. It is always heartbreaking when the visit is over but getting to see all the boys together is great enough to make the heart ache worth it.

3. This week gets me another week closer to Bayfield and the big open water swim. I am so ready for a vacation (even just a short one) and I am feeling pretty good about the race at this point. I had two good swims this weekend and even did a 500 yard time trial and found that I was 27 seconds faster than I was when I last raced a 500, which was two years ago. I’m sure I’ll get nervous about the race once I get up there but right now I’m looking forward to it more with excitement than terror, so that is always a good thing.

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