Not Miss Photogenic

I had to get my picture taken today by the official workplace photographer. I HATE having my picture taken but I didn’t get any choice in this matter as they needed a face shot for a little write up in the local paper.

I tend to think I’m just not good at having my picture taken and I think the photographer now agrees with me. Here’s how it went down:

“Okay, stand against that white wall.”

“No, not that close. Step forward. Two inches to the left.”

“No, your left. Okay, that was five inches. Scoot back over.”



(he reviews the photo)

“Could we try that again but could you look more at the camera and less at the ceiling? And also look less pained?”


“Why can I see your tongue so much? Try a different smile.”


“That’s…well…that’s not better. Try to look just past my shoulder and smile naturally.”


“You don’t like taking pictures, do you?”


“That one looked like a mug shot. Let’s try again”

(a small group of my staff members comes out and starts doing Zoolander faces)(I laugh)


With relief in his voice: “Okay, we’re just going to go with that. Don’t worry, I’ll crop and retouch it.”

So, yeah, super looking forward to whatever photo he got being used in some publications. I’m sure it will be just lovely. I hope he was able to capture the best angle for both of my chins.


One thought on “Not Miss Photogenic

  1. Mads says:

    That’s pretty much how my senior picture in high school went. The photographer kept asking me if I “was absolutely sure” I didn’t want to put on more makeup.
    We ended up buying the shot I was laughing in.

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