The Boys

They’re here! They’re here!


Mr. Monkey got home last night from a three day trip to Kansas and he brought with him the big boys…my 20 and 17 year old step-sons. The little monkey was practically vibrating from excitement last night, waiting at the door for his beloved big brothers to come in. When they did he was over the moon, hugging and kissing them, showing off his new tennis shoes (so he can “race fast like Papa”), asking them to read stories. You could practically see the waves of joy roll off of his little body.

I’m excited to have the boys over and to have all my best guys under one roof for a little while but it is always bittersweet when they visit. It is so good to see them but I’m constantly aware that they will be leaving soon and Miles will be sad and Mr. Monkey will be sad and I will be sad and it will be too long until we see them again. And then I feel guilty again for the fact that we don’t live in the same state with them anymore and I hope that they don’t, on some level, hate me for that (they love me, I know they do, but sometimes I wonder if someday they’ll hate me a little for this move).

I should worry about that later though. We have breakfasts to go out for, a Harry Potter movie to see, a farmer’s market to visit and board games to play.

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