Six years ago tonight I was in San Diego, sleeping in an ice-cold hotel room, in bed with one my bridesmaids. The room was ice-cold because we were storing the bouquets for me and my three bridesmaids (we did them ourselves, a Gerber daisy bouquet is very hard to screw up). The bridesmaid was sharing a room and bed with me because I love her and was giddy and nervous and didn’t want to spend my last single night alone (in case I couldn’t sleep).

The next day I woke up and married Mr. Monkey. Our ceremony was short but sweet and our reception was laid back and everything I wanted it to be. There was a candy bar. I still love the candy bar: glass jars filled with colorful candy and mini-Chinese take-out boxes so our guests could take candy home with them.

Since that day we’ve moved five (!) times, made another human being, had six jobs between the two of us, gotten out of debt (adios credit cards), gotten back in debt (hello home mortgage purchased at the WORST time in real estate history. UGH), had some, but not many, squabbles, and many many many happy moments along with roughly 25,000 kisses and not nearly enough foot rubs (If you are reading this my darling Mr. Monkey, my feet are sore. You know what to do).

Mr.Monkey makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me happy.

I love you, M.

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