I am behind. So behind. Behind on everything. My desk at work is covered in papers, my email in-box is groaning under the weight of unanswered messages, and this poor little blog has been sadly neglected.

This is all the fault, of course, of my rapidly growing uterine resident and the ridiculous amount of morning sickness this inch long creature is capable of creating. I have been so sick this time around and even though the doctor has me on Zofran (which is so super expensive without insurance that I suspect it is made out of unicorn tails or something) for the nausea I’m still struggling with being tired and bloat and generally grody.

I haven’t been blogging much because A) it interferes with my laying on the couch like a beached manatee and B) I’m so distracted by the ick factor of my life right now that I don’t have as much to say about other things and I don’t want to be all whine whine whine over here.

But I went on a bike ride tonight and I don’t feel like gagging right now and I’m two weeks or so away from the second trimester which I hope will be magic in terms of feeling better. So I’ll take it. And I’ll stop in here and say hi and thanks for reading.


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