– to Costco, for selling fruit in bulk. On a related note: a pregnant woman (me, obvs) who is about 50% food cravings and 50% repulsed by food equals a very, very weird shopping trip. I don’t really know how to explain why I ended up spending $10 on hotdogs and $30 on fruit.

– for baby #2 having the courtesy of being a singleton and not a twin. I’m a twin and twins run in our family so my first question at the ultrasound is always “there’s just one, right?”. I’ve been running the number of our financial life after baby #2 arrives and I am frankly just relieved to not be having to think about daycare for three kids. That would seriously make me cry.

– for friends that live nearby and who don’t care if your kitchen is dirty or if your kid is crabby or if all you have to offer them to drink is a juice box. For hanging out and laughing and debating baby names and for feeling like we are finding our people in Iowa.

– for my job, that challenges me and gives me a chance to use my brain. It took me a few months to find my groove and to not feel overwhelmed by the challenges and some staff issues but now I know I 100% made the right choice in taking this job.

– for my husband, always and always.

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